Summer Soundtrack: Fun-Some Nights

The weather is getting warmer.  If you’re like me, you’ve already started compiling the soundtrack to your summer.  If you’re not like me, the Summer Soundtrack series will be a good way to get with the program.

Indie-pop band Fun has just released their second studio album, “Some Nights.”  I spent last summer listening to their debut, “Aim and Ignite,” so I went in with high hopes.  Fun did not disappoint.

“Some Nights” begins with a two part song of the same name.  Some Nights-Introduction, which lasts about two and a half minutes, has a modern-day Queen feel, which sets the tone for the record.  With clear vocal harmonies, and a hint of the dramatic, the song takes a page from the Bohemian Rhapsody book.  The introduction transitions to Some Nights, where the full band finally drops in.  This song is a masterpiece, from start to finish.  With a driving beat and beautiful vocals, the song carries a ballad feel, perfect for cruising with  the windows down.

By now, everyone has heard Fun’s song, We Are Young.  It was featured in a Super Bowl commercial, and since then has gone viral–for good reason.  The band really vibes on this song, which is most notable during the time-change transition into the chorus.  If you haven’t checked out the music video, be sure to do so.

Carry On, the next song on the album, has an uplifting message about getting through tough times.  While not as musically interesting as the last three, it seemed like the sequel to Be Calm, a song from their first album.

Some Nights, released last month, is well worth a listen.  Fun’s strong vocals and succinct rhythms create a musical adventure you shouldn’t pass up.   While the album does seem to lack towards the end, the brilliant start of the compilation more than makes up for it.

Summer Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 suns

TL;DR: Listen to Some Nights.  You won’t be disappointed.


Stream the album here:  ….or listen on Spotify.

Some Nights video:

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