Project X Review

David Coats II

I went late last week and to watch the newly released film, Project X.  I’m not a frequent movie theater and when I do go, I do not usually see trailers that seem too make me really go watch a movie bad.  But last fall when I went out with a few friends, I saw the trailer for Project X and it definitely caught my eyes.  I made it a point to go watch this film

I was far from disappointed as well.  I found it hilarious from beginning to end.  It is from the same directer from The Hangover and Old School.  Which coincidentally happen to be a few of my favorite movies.  My favorite movies to watch are ones that make me laugh.  The serious movies are nice every once in a while to me, but I am more likely to enjoy a movie if it is a comedy or somehow relates sports in an entertaining way.

I have The Hangover and The Hangover Part 2 both on DVD and seen them both in theater.  I watch them over and over and they are always funny.  I got the same impression when I watched Project X.  I laughed like a hyena throughout the movie, possibly embarrassing my friends sitting with me.

Since watching Project X last week I have already recommended it to people on several occasions, including the blog post now.  I’ll be honest, if you are the type of person who chick flicks, serious dramas, etc. Project X might not be the movie for you.  But I challenge people to sit through the entire movie and not laugh.  It was totally worth my money and I cannot wait to own it on DVD as well.

I have posted a trailer to Project X below, and as of right now the top comment is by LSOfficial and I totally agree with it.  It is as follows:

Superbad = Before Party

Project X = The Party

Hangover = After The Party

So if you like movies like The Hangover, Superbad, Hot Tub Time Machine, Old School and more Project X should defiantly be worth your time and money.

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2 thoughts on “Project X Review

  1. What a fantastic movie! I love your list. Now I want to watch Superbad, Project X, then Hangover back to back. Project X was torn apart by the critics…but I can’t figure out why they hated it so much.

    • Well it didn’t have too much depth I guess to it. But I am not sure why anyone would have went to it expecting the Titanic or something. It was supposed to be funny and entertaining and I felt like it was. I’m glad you thought so too. Thanks for the read and comment. -David

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