Is Lohan Serious this Time?

David Coats II

Lindsay Lohan appeared on NBC’s Today Show earlier today.  She sat down to talk with Matt Lauer.  In this interview (that you can watch part of below) she talks about her past couple years.

I like the fact that she is trying to get her career and life back on track.  But I think I have heard this headline in regards to her before.  I really hope for her personally she can redeem herself, especially if she is really trying to come clean.  Relapses happen, but they are frowned on less when the person relapsing seems to be making some progress and be showing some effort.

My favorite athlete Josh Hamilton, Major League Baseball,  has struggled with addictions and a career that got sidetracked.  But he has made great strides getting his life back together.  His story is really inspiring and you can read most of it in his book, Beyond Belief.  He has had some relapses but he has been a real stand-up guy about it and shown progress throughout the past few years or so.

So if Lindsay can start showing more progress she can really turn around the perception people have of her.  America really is the land of second chances, but just because you get second chances doesn’t mean you get a pass.  You have to prove yourself to the fans you lost and win them over again.  It will be harder to win them over a second time than it was the first time.  But at least you do get this second chance to do so.

She cannot expect people to forget her past.  Rather, she needs to start taking ownership like she appears to be doing in her interview with the Today Show this morning.  I hope that she is really trying to improve herself, rather than just saying it to the camera and a journalist.  I think I believe that she is being real with the public.  Just how she says what she is saying, and her overall demeanor give me that vibe.  But hey I can be wrong.  I am just going from what I seen and heard from her in this interview.

Lindsay Lohan 2003

Lindsay Lohan 2003. Photo By:

Side Note:  Yes, I used to have a celebrity crush on Lindsay Lohan around the time of the picture above.  Not much else.  I just thought I would let y’all know a little more about me since this is my first post.  Any questions, comments, etc. type a comment or hit me up on Twitter.

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